Welcome to the public part of the Trommel Genealogy website. The aim of this website is to exhange genealogical data about the Trommel family. If you are a member of the Trommel family we want to inform you about your Dutch ancestors and ask your help to update the Trommel Genealogy.

If you are a member of the Trommel family you can have access to the confidential part of this website by choosing the downloads menu item followed by entering your loginname and password. If you don't have a loginname and password yet you can find how to get one by reading the appropiate article under information.

This website is based upon the Trommel Genealogy published in 1976 by the late J.G. Trommel (1932-2005). As that book is sold out for 30 years we, his eldest son and a 25th cousin, first want to publish his work again and then continue it.

There will be several versions of the Trommel Genealogy which all will be available for download at no cost from this website. The public versions only contain information about deceased people, due to privacy restrictions. De complete, confidential versions are only available to family members.

At this moment this website contains a public and a confidential version of the Trommel Genealogy from 1976 in Dutch in PDF format, and also both versions translated into English but containing only the standard genealogical data. In the future we want to add up-to-date versions and supplements with pictures etc.

Jan en Daniël Trommel