Genealogical Data

We would to receive from you standard genealogical data about members of the Trommel family, especially the changes since 1976. Please be as thorough and complete as possible. Also note the source of your information, f.i. marriage documents, a family advertisement, heard from others or own memory.

We are interested in these data in the first place:

  1. Names - We kindly request you to note the names in the following way :
    Given names (Firstname) Surname. F.i. : Johannes Lambertus (Jan) Trommel

  2. Date & place of birth (and of death). We kindly request you to note the dates in a disambiguous way (so not something like 05-07-1962 or 07-05-1962 which may be interpreted as a date in May or July depending on one's country of origin) like f.i. 19620705 or 1962-07-05 (year-month-day) or 5th of July 1962 or July 5th 1962 (as you prefer, as long as it's clear). With places, please note that as > 90% of all family members live in The Netherlands this will be considered as default. So if a place is somewhere abroad from Holland please also note the country details (f.i. place, state, U.S.A.).

  3. Relationships - By this we mean marriage and all other comparable family relationships. Please note the date and place when and where such a relationship officially started or ended (with a divorce), and of course all details as mentioned above for both partners and if possible of their parents.


Important notes:

  • We will only spread data about living persons within the Trommel family using the confidential part of this websiate, by e-mail or occasionally by mail (f.i. as a service to mostly elderly family members without access to internet).

  • Therefore, by sending us data about living persons within your close/immediate family you give by doing so permission to spread these within the entire Trommel family.

  • We will never publish these confidential data unrestricted on the internet or even outside the Trommel family. We may only make an incidental exception for genealogists whose research overlaps with our family, and for persons with ancestors within the Trommel family and who are interested in these ancestors although they themselves don't bear the name Trommel anymore (f.i. because of their or their mothers marriage).

  • Only data from deceased people will be published by us on the internet. Please let us know if this still is a problem for you which prevents you from sharing your data with us.




In may 2008 we sent a letter to all members of the Trommel family we could find in online directories (yellow/white pages etc). You may send this letter [LINK STILL MISSING] to family members who did not recieve it.

In this letter we asked to notify us of changes in family data since 1976 by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or using the address in the letter.

Your contributions for the new publications (both Dutch and English) are very much appreciated !