Photo's & Documents

Besides the standard genealogical data we are also interested in family documents like photographs or cards or advertisements for births, engagements, marriages and funerals, official documents etc to use in our supplements to the Trommel Genealogy so it will be more interesting to read.

Please do not send us original documents as they can get lost in the mail, but send us a copy or even better make a scan and send the result by e-mail. When you send a picture/photograph, please note clearly who are on it (and if these people are still alive), when and where the picture was taken (and on which occasion). If you scan a picture please keep it at a maximum of 300 dpi (more will make them very large and does not add much detail).

If you possess unique/valuable/very interesting pictures or documents but you can't scan them and you don't know anyone who can, please contact us so we can think about an alternative solution.